ExecuPOWER is a full-service engineering consulting firm in the power industry led by successful women in business and engineering. Maria Larson and Andrea Turley, the CEO and COO of ExecuPOWER, respectively, foresaw a need in the power industry for quality technical services provided by an experienced women-owned business. Changes taking place in the utility industry, such as the aging workforce, increased outsourcing, and greater infrastructure spending, created an opportunity for them to combine their talent to form a firm whose mission is to deliver premium design and consulting services.

Maria’s business acumen comes from her experience as an entrepreneur who developed a small outsourcing and staffing business that she grew into an international firm in a span of 25 years, ultimately becoming the largest woman-owned diverse service provider in that industry. Andrea, a professional engineer with more than 27 years of experience in the water, electric, and gas utility industries, brings an in-depth knowledge of the technical and operational aspects of the business. As a result, ExecuPOWER began operations in a well-capitalized position, with knowledgeable back-office support and a technical management staff with more than 130 years of combined experience in the utility industry.

Our clients aren’t just clients—they’re our partners in business. We work diligently to understand their needs and challenges. The expertise of our in-house management team and Subject Matter Experts and our multidisciplinary approach supports our commitment to culminate innovation, maintain a fierce attention to detail, and be accountable to deliver solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. ExecuPOWER’s goal is to leverage the best expertise in the industry to build solid client relationships based on sound civil, structural, geotechnical, and electrical engineering principles while offering high-quality services in a safe, efficient, and timely manner.