Public Network Telecommunications

ExecuPOWER effectively supports the development of public network telecommunications given our comprehensive understanding of the dynamics between regulatory requirements, the utility industry, and the continuous evolution of the telecommunications industry.

ExecuPOWER’s staff ensure our clients’ success by providing the vital support and expertise required to achieve lasting outcomes. 

Our public network telecommunications services include:

  •  Engineering Services (to support planning, design, and construction)
     Joint-Use Facilities
     Micro-Antenna/Small Cell Sites
     New and Existing Site Installations
     Engineer of Record
  •  Field Verification
     Desktop Audit
     Site Evaluation
     Site Action Plan
  •  Civil and Structural Engineering
     Pole and Tower Structural Analysis
     Foundation Design and Analysis
     Small Cell Site Design
     Underbuilt Cable Routing and Design  
  •  Electrical engineering
     Outside Plant (power supply design for antenna installations)
     One-Line Diagrams
     Load Calculations and Wire Sizing
     NEC Compliance
  •  Design and Drafting Drawings
     Plan and Profile
     Pole Elevation and Mounting Drawings
     Structure, Equipment, and Right-of-Way Mapping
  •  Utility Coordination
     Utility Relationship Management
     Power Connections
     Make-Ready Activities
     Meter Set-Up
  •  Equipment and Software
     IKE 4 GPS
     AutoCAD and Microstation
     PLS-CADD Suite
     Pole Foreman/Osmose O-calc/
  •  Project and Construction Management 

For public network telecommunications services, contact Keicha Muriel-Barreto, P.E.

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