ExecuPOWER personnel are highly qualified individuals with extensive knowledge and familiarity with the process and challenges that come with restoring power after a major weather event. Due to our daily operations within engineering and project and construction management, we are uniquely suited to provide support to utilities and can generally act as an integrated entity to the host utility or an extension to their workforce.

Our storm restoration services include:

  • Rapid response and deployment

  • Damage assessment

  • Restoration planning and estimating

  • Critical public safety services

       (including wire guarding)

  • Crew guide for mutual assistance crews

  • Construction management

  • Quality and safety auditing

  • Contractor coordination and procurement 

  • Material tracking and procurement

  • Post-event assessment

  • Record updating/as-builts

  • Field engineering

  • Long-term recovery assistance

  • Post-storm engineering reconstruction 


For Storm Restoration/Management services, contact Joe Bailey

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