Construction Management Capabilities

  • Constructability reviews
  • Construction oversight
  • Resource coordination
  • Material acquisition and coordination
  • Safety auditing and quality assurance
  • Planning, scheduling, and construction sequencing
  • Outage coordination
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Redline drawing services
  • Environmental compliance
  • Third-party inspection services
  • Daily progress reports via PROCORE (cloud-based construction software)

Project Portfolio Highlights


NERC Substation Expansion

Construction management and oversight of numerous NERC substation projects. Projects included 69kV transmission line rebuilds, 12kV distribution feeder rebuilds, new 69kV substation ring bus, and new 12kV substation feeders. Our construction managers coordinated all field activities with all contractors and subcontractors for the completion of the electrical installation, civil and underground work, relay and testing, as well as environmental monitoring.


Substation Build - Outage Coordination

Outage coordination support for the build of a 69/34.5kV substation. This project required the sequencing of the following activities: conversion of 4kV load to 12kV, installation of a temporary 34.5kV line bypass, retirement of a 34.5/4kV substation, site expansion and rebuild, partial rebuild and line relay upgrades of two 69KV lines, retirement of a 69/34.5kV substation and two (2) 34.5kV lines, testing and commissioning of all associated equipment, and 34.5kV customer cutovers to new substation.


Helicopter Transmission Line Construction

Construction management and oversight of the 69kV transmission rebuild with distribution underbuild from the New Jersey mainland to the barrier islands. This project required the use of helicopters and barges in environmentally sensitive areas and the performance of transmission and distribution wire pulls across NJTA Garden State Parkway, NJTA rail, and NJDOT roads. Environmental, DOT, and township restrictions required meticulous project planning and execution, and constant, deliberate communication and coordination with all stakeholders.


Fire Protection & Security Substation Upgrades

Construction oversight services for the Fire Protection and Facility Enhancement Program (FEP) security fence installation at numerous substation facilities. Fire Protection included the installation and/or replacement of fire barriers, suppression, alarms, and transformer coolant sources. FEP installation included security perimeter fences, cameras, remote communication capabilities, and security buildings.