QA/QC Inspection Services Capabilities

  • Managing quality programs as a third-party inspection service
  • Coordination of lab testing for soil, materials, and concrete placement
  • Validation of verifiable attributes on structural steel and rebar
  • Soil and aggregate compaction and placement
  • Data analytics to include trends with granular reporting
  • Existing partnerships with drone/UAV companies (LiDAR/IR/Visual/RF Corona)
  • Experience in helicopter visual inspections (second seat)
  • Deviation review and trend analysis
  • Project portfolios
  • Photo and video documentation of projects (including IKE GPS)
  • Verification of proposed layout of structural components
  • Observation of concrete pours to ensure delivery/placement/finishing is satisfactory.
  • QC overhead and underground distribution inspections
  • Substation and Transmission Quality Assurance/ Quality Control inspections
  • Verify E&S controls and environmental barriers are installed and maintained to industry specifications.
  • Documenting construction progress via reports/photos specifications.
  • Professional Engineering services available
  • Landscape placement verification