Substation Engineering Capabilities

  • Protection and control substation engineering, design, and calculations
  • Outdoor electrical (physical) substation engineering, design,
    and calculations
  • Structural substation engineering, design, and calculations (structures, foundations, bus design, oil containment)
  • Civil substation engineering design (grading, drainage, SWPP)
  • Gas-insulated switchgear design
  • Cutover sequencing/outage planning
  • NERC-CIP security compliance support
  • Inter-substation and intra-substation telecommunication integration
  • SCADA/RTU and digital fault recorder design
  • AC & DC station service engineering, design, and calculations
  • Equipment specification development, review, and vendor analysis
  • Conceptual engineering, planning and cost estimating
  • Permitting support
  • Field engineering and construction management
  • Equipment and material procurement
  • Storm hardening
  • Owners engineering and QA/QC services

Project Portfolio Highlights


69kV Stuck Breaker and Line Relay Upgrade

69kV transmission line protection relay upgrade included 69kV circuit breaker control, and 69kV stuck breaker protection for an existing 69kV nine breaker ring bus and a 138kV five breaker ring bus substation with 25kV radial feeds.


13kV/4kV Transformer, Lighting, & Cable Tray Replacement

13kV/4kV transformer replacement, performed the complete physical (electrical) and lighting designs. Scope consisted of replacing the transformer and jumpers to the existing copper busses, replacement of nine (9) cap & pin type insulators for the 4kV bus with station post type, knockout wall replacement, new cable tray system, and installation of new LED lighting fixtures.


15kV Switchgear Upgrade

12kV outdoor switchgear replacement with a 15kV indoor switchgear enclosed in a masonry block building. The switchgear accommodated an increase in the distribution feeders from 4 to 6. Two (2) new 12kV bays; each consisting of bus structure, a vacuum breaker, hookstick disconnects, station service transformer, PTs, a precast trench system, and riser connections. The new building was constructed on a raised platform to meet the local flood requirements.


69-34.5kV Substation

Physical, and civil structural design for the installation of a new 69-34.5kV distribution substation. The arrangement consisted of eight (8) 69-34.5kV Transformers, a 69kV ring bus configuration with sixteen (16) 69kV disconnect switches, ten (10) 69kV breakers, eight (8) 34.5kV switchgear line ups, and a control building to house station service panels, battery systems, and all protective relaying components, panels, and communications.