Distribution Engineering Capabilities

  • Distribution design OH/UG
  • Reconductoring and pole replacement
  • New business design and coordination
  • Recloser and fuse coordination
  • Distribution automation
  • Pole loading and structural analysis
  • Joint use make-ready work
  • DOT highway project design
  • Feeder firming/hardening
  • Maintenance inspections
  • GIS entry/correction
  • Asset management and auditing
  • Circuit reliability analysis
  • Feasibility studies for third-party attachments
  • Siting of telecommunication attachments
  • Project sponsorship and scoping support

Project Portfolio Highlights


34kV Express Undergrounding

Completed the design of a 34kV Express Underground installation which included electrical loading calculations, protective device coordination, and an overhead riser and gang operated switch design for circuit isolation. Reviewed all permitting drawings associated with the project and completed detailed on-site constructibility reviews prior to boring and plowing operations. On-site during construction to provide engineering oversight and support.


Accelerated Recloser Program

Surveying and design to support the installation of reclosers and sectionalizers on existing 4kV and 13kV circuits. Analysis of primary and secondary maps as well as GIS information as they relate to the proposed project diagram.


Distribution Standards Manual Development

Development of standards manual for small investor-owned utility company requiring significant coordination with various stakeholders in the utility’s organization, including Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and System Operations.


Residential and Commercial OH/UG New Business

Overhead and underground design for New Business in various locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Our team worked closely with builders to determine residential and commercial meter locations, electric service, and conduit runs. Load verifications, voltage drop calculations, length of service, and conductor sizing were also performed.