Telecommunications Capabilities

Structure Performance Analysis
  • Transmission towers and distribution poles design modifications and reinforcements
  • Structural opinion letters
  • Third-party analysis review
  • New structure design and specifications
  • Custom platforms and antenna mounts
  • Third-party modification drawing review
  • As-builts
  • Utility relationship management
  • Modification inspection and review
  • Small-cell antenna site design, site development, and coordination
  • Permitting coordination

Project Portfolio Highlights


Distribution Pole Loading Analysis

Performed pole loading analyses related to the addition of third-party attachments of fiber optic cables to existing distribution pole lines. This multi-phase project included the analysis of more than 1,500 poles and subsequent permit applications in support of the utility project. Pole locations were reviewed and analyzed using a combination of Google Earth, site survey pictures, and Client ArcGIS data.


Antenna Systems Deployment

Utility coordination and field verification activities in support of the deployment of upgraded wireless telecommunication infrastructure. Provided project management and coordination for the assessment of small cell sites deployment, the review of engineering and construction drawings, and the completion of power connections. Roles included project management, coordination with power utilities, policy and permitting support, engineering feasibility studies, and engineering drawing and design.


Transmission Cellular Co-Location Structural Analyses

Structural analyses on over 1,000 existing 69kV to 500kV transmission structures related to the proposed addition of third-party attachments of telecommunication installations. Field visits with contractors and utilities for the verifications of existing conditions. Development and design of structure modifications for the attachment of telecommunication installations. Development and design of reinforcing to strengthen existing lattice transmission towers. Coordination with contractors and utilities to solve unique problems.


Transmission Cellular Co-Location Structure Specification

Coordination with power utilities for the design specifications for future hybrid transmission telecommunication steel poles for new and rebuild transmission lines. Review of previous and current antenna equipment installations, across multiple cellular providers, to forecast the maximum acceptable loading for future antenna equipment installations. Review existing power utility pole design specifications. Engineering of design specifications and design drawings based off of the power utilities’ needs.