ExecuPOWER uses a unique approach for distribution design by utilizing both engineers and individuals with line construction experience to ensure the jobs we design are accurate and constructible.  

Our team supports all aspects of distribution line design, including:

  • Distribution Design OH/UG

  • Recloser and Fuse Coordination

  • Distribution Automation

  • Joint Use Make-ready Work 

  • Feasibility Studies for Third-party Attachments

  • Maintenance Inspections

  • GIS Correction

  • Overloaded Transformer Programs

  • Circuit Reliability Analysis

  • Siting of Telecommunication Attachments

  • Feeder Firming

For Distribution Engineering services, contact Kory Swierczek, P.E.

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Phone: 484-804-2818

555 Croton Road, Suite 307

King of Prussia, PA 19406



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