Maria Larson
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner

Maria is ExecuPOWER’s Chief Executive Officer, involved in all aspects of the company from business development to talent acquisition. As a young entrepreneur, she started her first company in 1995 in the pharmaceutical industry with the concept of providing top-notch clinical research services to her clients at a competitive price. Maria grew her business from a small woman-owned diverse company into a major international managed/functional service provider that employs thousands of people and operates in 80+ countries. Her first priority has always been to ensure that the quality of the resources she provides is above and beyond her clients’ expectations.

Maria brings more than 30 years of experience in diversity vendor services and has a keen understanding of client and employee needs. She has developed, managed, and planned successful and precise business processes and led multi-million-dollar projects across multiple countries. She is an innovative thinker and leader in outsourcing and talent acquisition, and with her guidance, ExecuPOWER is building strong, long-term relationships with both large and small key companies in the power industry.

Maria earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Temple University. She enjoys giving back to the community by working closely with several youth and community outreach organizations.