ExecuPOWER approaches the design of high and sub-voltage transmission lines with a creative mindset based on in-depth technical knowledge, which results in cost-effective and specialized solutions that meet our client’s needs.  

Our team offers a full range of services for all aspects of line extensions, rebuilds, and major transmission additions, including:

  • Line Rebuild Design and Analysis

  • PLS-CADD Transmission Line Modeling

  • Route Optimization and Selection

  • Upgrades or Re-rating of Lines

  • Structure Performance Analysis

  • Incorporating Fiber Optic Systems with Line Design

  • Evaluation and Design of Underbuilt Systems

  • Foundation Design and Analysis

  • NERC Alert Data Collection, Analysis, and Correction

  • Material Specifications

  • Construction and Specification Documents

  • Non-Destructive Testing and Foundation Mapping

  • LiDAR and Right-of-Way Mapping

  • Comprehensive Aerial and Ground Line Inspection

For Transmission Engineering services, contact Kory Swierczek, P.E.

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