ExecuPOWER's technical team has the experience and capability necessary to design new and retrofit substations integrating new and legacy technologies for cost-effective solutions.  

Our substation services for EHV through distribution voltages include:

  • Outdoor Electrical (Physical) Substation Engineering, Design, and Calculations

  • Protection and Control Substation Engineering, Design, and Calculations

  • Civil/Structural Engineering, Design, and Calculations (Foundations and Steel)

  • Inter-substation and Intra-substation Telecommunication Integration

  • SCADA/RTU and Digital Fault Recorder


  • AC & DC Station Service Engineering, Design, and Calculations

  • Equipment Specification Development, Review, and Vendor Analysis

  • Conceptual Engineering and Permitting Support

  • Field Engineering and Construction Management

  • Relay Settings: Electro-Mechanical and Micro-Processor Based

For Substation Engineering services, contact Matthew Morrison, P.E.

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Phone: 609-221-6787